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Let’s be 100% transparent.

Now more than ever, travelers are looking for an unparallel experience they can share with others. The 2022 travelers and professionals are searching for vacations that are unique, immersive and memorable. The STR market is changing and starting or scaling with the fundamentals is critical to reducing liability and maximizing your profits. Sign up for our wait list pre-launch to that you van stay informed once we officially roll this out. Seats will be limited!!!!

What the LLT U course offers that not many other masterclass and online courses offer is MENTORING. We take a hybrid approach that caters to all types of learners at all levels.

The course outline below is just a small taste of our comprehensive course. There will be various levels of entry to get plugged in and grow your business. From beginners to seasoned operators/business owners our teams combined experience of over 25 years is unparalleled to others in the industry.

Our course shows you how to….

  • Set up your business structure
  • Build a successful STR portfolio
  • Have a guest-centered design
  • Set up your STR accounts and operations
  • The cycle of hosting guests
  • Revenue Management
  • Building a Dream Team
  • Peerspace and other non-conventional platforms
  • Corporate and Direct Rentals
  • Much more!



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